Location & Activities

Our cabins are located at Marsh Lake, Yukon.


‘What’s so special about Marsh Lake?’ You might ask. And you would get us started:

(For those of you who don’t like too much text, scroll down a bit to the bare facts!)

We could tell you how this beautiful, long stretched lake is surrounded by mountains and forest, and gives home to waterfowl like swans, ducks, and loons, plenty of fish and some humans along its shore. We could tell you about the peaceful silence that surrounds me while I sit on my deck writing these lines. A silence that is even sweeter when interrupted by chirping song birds, the rattling aspens in the wind or the call of a loon in the distance.

We could tell you about our ‘wild neighbours’ that come for a visit every now and then: bear, moose, caribou, wolf, porcupine, grouse… We could tell you about the trails in the woods behind our house where you could hike, bike, ski, run, do whatever you like on. Or about the nearby marina where you could launch your canoe and go for an evening paddle or fishing adventure. We could tell you about all the mountains nearby that want to be climbed or the rivers that are waiting to be paddled by you.

We could tell you about the spectacular colours of the sunset in early spring, or the playful glittering of the sunrays on the lake in summer, or the almost unreal and intense colours of the fall, or the mystic, dancing northern lights in the winter sky. We could even quote our neighbour who told us that in her 30 years of living out here, she never once thought: “Nah, I am done with Marsh Lake, I’m tired of it. How I wish I lived somewhere else.” We could tell you all that and it might give you quite a good idea about the location of our cabins, but instead we’ll do something else: We just invite you to come over, make it your own home for a while and experience this spectacular location and all the fun activities yourself!

Let’s see if we can get you hooked, too.


Bottom line is:


  • Marsh Lake is awesome!
  • Nearby access to trails for biking, hiking, or skiing
  • Nearby access to the lake for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, chilling on the beach