Thursday, September 17th 2015:

We had a beautiful mixed fall day as you can see on the picture. It shows our Marsh Lake in the early afternoon.

There was this typical smell of the upcoming winter in the air, but still a light warm breeze coming from the lake.

The squirrels get ready for winter and stack mushrooms and spruce cones everywhere they can. Once in a while you can hear  big Canada goose flogs high up in the air traveling south to their winter places.

The surrounded Mountains have already their white caps on the peaks and the lake get’s this seasonal color of a green/ gray tone.

The woods have the dark green from their spruce and pine trees and in between are still this beautiful yellow leafs on the aspen and poplars as the last sign of the fall, before they will let go..

This is also the time of the year where every Yukoner tries to get its winter preparation done…   then for sure it will come, the long, dark and cold Yukon winter.